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Diploma in Midwifery in the Philippines

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Program Overview

The Diploma in Midwifery program (DM) provides students with knowledge and skills about the foundations of midwifery, normal obstetrics and care of the newborn and basic family planning.
The program also includes topics related to managing pregnancies, postpartum periods, high risk Obstetrics, midwifery ethics law and practice.
It aims to produce graduates who are competent for work as an educator, health care provider and as a supervisor/administrator.

Admission requirements for Diploma in Midwifery program in the Philippines

  • Must have the original and photocopy of the high school report card (form 138)
  • Must have recommendation from High school principal and guidance counsellor
  • Must have most recent medical and dental health record
  • Must take and pass the college entrance examination
  • Must have a copy of NSO certified birth certificate
  • Must have a certificate of good moral character
  • Must have a copy of the honourable dismissal
  • Must have a copy of the high school diploma
  • One 2”x 2” copy of latest photo

Duration of Diploma in Midwifery program in the Philippines

The Associate in Diploma in Midwifery program takes 2 years to complete.

Subjects included in the Diploma in Midwifery program

  • Teaching Strategies in Health Education
  • Philosophy of Human Person
  • Microbiology & Parasitology
  • Socio-Anthropology W/ STS
  • Information Technology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Communication Skills
  • Primary Health Care
  • General Psychology
  • Pakikipagtalastasan
  • Health Economics
  • Technical Writing
  • General Zoology
  • Critical Thinking
  • Nutrition
  • Panitikan
  • Algebra
  • M 100
  • M 101
  • M 102
  • M 103

Career opportunities for graduates of Associate in Computer Technology program in the Philippines

  • Staff Midwife
  • Rural Health Midwife
  • Domiciliary Midwife
  • Health Facility Administrator
  • Health Program Manager
  • Clinical Instructor
  • Faculty/Trainer
  • Researcher

Find schools offering Diploma in Midwifery:

Reviews of Diploma in Midwifery graduates:

M. L.
◈ Studied Midwifery (slightly different course)
◈ At Southern Christian College
◈ Graduated 2013

list bulletWhy did I choose Associate in Midwifery: I took this course because I like to help the pregnant women who cannot afford to deliver their babies in the hospitals and those in the mountainside who cannot go down to the nearest hospital. I thought it would be great if I can help the community in that way.

list bulletAbout my college education: Midwifery offers practical knowledge in assisting to deliver a baby without hospital and clinic facilities. It is most practical in areas where there is no hospital or medical clinic. During my college training, I learned the practical methods of delivering babies by manual way and common rural practices.

I did not find any subject difficult because our teacher made it easier to understand. I enjoyed English because I and my classmates are just kids who came from poor and ordinary working parents. There is a little difficulty in passing the exams but I passed all of my subjects. Those who failed were given the chance to pass the exams. It was a policy of the school to let all it's students pass so that all will have a chance to be employed.

list bulletMy current job: I am now an active member of the Philippine Army assigned to the Medical Division in Mindanao area based in Davao. Our group is in charge of providing the medical support for our soldiers in the field and also provide support to the civilian group during medical missions. I assist in delivering babies and in advising pregnant women on the natal and pre-natal care aspects. Our work is risky sometimes when we are called to attend to our wounded soldiers during encounters with rebels, both Muslims and the NPAs.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Immediately after graduating I joined the Philippine Army wherein there is already compensation and allowance even during the training period.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Associate in Midwifery: It is actually a very practical profession and there is a great demand in the Philippine government for this, because only a small population choose to take the course so there aren't as much midwives as needed and so the pay is good.

Employment opportunities for graduates of Midwifery is very encouraging and I fully recommend this course to those who reside in small towns and cities in Mindanao.

The starting salary for a midwife in the service of the government is more than P20,000 per month.

There is great satisfaction in helping pregnant women in the rural and mountainsides that's why the career of a midwife is very fulfilling.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: Midwifery is an interesting course that you cannot underestimate despite that it's not very popular compared to other medical-related courses like nursing, care-giving or medicine.
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